Why Use An Anal Douche?

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that since you are visiting this website, you are most likely looking for information regarding the use of an anal douche or an online location to buy your douche. If you are not here for either of those reasons then I apologize, and I am sure you are learning some things about anal sex you never thought you would know! Today we are going to talk about WHY people practice anal douching!

To start, let’s briefly review what anal douching is. Douching is when a person who is planning on recieving anal sex (a ‘bottom’ for those not familiar with gay lingo) cleans out the rectal cavity in advance. This is achieved by inserting water inside the rectum and flushing the area clean. For a full guide on this practice read the article “How to Use an Anal Douche”.

People douche because when you have anal sex you run the risk of sharing space with other residents that occupy the area. This is normal, that’s where poo comes from, and you have to expect that these accidents come with the territory. That being said, it can be an uncomfortable experience for both parties and can cause some ‘unnecessary negative emotions’ such as embarrassment and fear (of it happening again). It’s true, often times you can get away without douching, however, even when you don’t directly deal with the physical product there can still be the smell. Even though the person who is penetrating will generally understand the situation, nothing kills the mood faster than stopping for both parties to clean up. That usually signals the end of the session… Unless that’s your thing/no judgement.

As I mentioned in the MyAnalDouche.com home article, I have been with those people who say “I don’t need to douche.” like it’s something below them. They do. Most people aren’t aware of what’s going on back there because they aren’t back there themselves. Out of sight, out of mind. So while you don’t necessarily need to go scream it from the mountain tops (or devote an entire website to it), anal douching is something that you don’t need to feel awkward or embarrassed about. In fact, you should feel good about yourself! My friend who worked with me at the ‘gay adult store’ once told me that every time somebody came in and bought their first anal douche he was proud of them, because not everybody is that thoughtful or considerate to think about what somebody else is dealing with down there.

With the different types of anal douches available and at affordable prices, it’s very easy to bring one with you while you travel. Ensuring that you will keep your special night the right sort of special!

To sum up this piece, douching allows you to feel confident about going into a sexual encounter, especially if it’s with somebody you are not extremely comfortable with yet. It allows you to really let go, switch into whatever position you want, go for as long as you want, and not worry about doing laundry! In all seriousness, while douching might take a little bit of foresight and planning, the benefits are worth it.

For more information please check out the anal douching guide here!