Why can’t I get clean when I use an anal douche?

As the title of this post suggests, today I am talking about an issue that I have actually received a TON of emails about! Why does it sometimes take FOREVER to clean out your anus (and colon) when you use an anal douche? Isn’t the whole point to easily clean yourself out?

Believe me readers, you are not alone with this qualm!

Ok, here’s the rundown. When you eat, your body takes what nutrients it needs from the food and the leftovers get sent to the colon where they wait to be excreted. When you have anal sex and you want to feel empty and sure that two objects (ie penis/toy and faeces) are not going to be occupying that same space, you use an anal douche. *Check out the anal douching guide here at MAD*

Sometimes, when you are trying to remove all this unwanted crap (literally) from your bowels, you feel like you are rinsing and repeating and rinsing and repeating until the cows come home but the water still comes out murky. The main cause of this is due to the texture and formation of your poop.

So, here are your options:

A – Eat less in preparation for anal sex.

Boring. I love food.

B – Really fill’er up when you go for the whole ‘colon cleanse’ style douche. Let the water sit for a couple minutes, jump up and down, massage the stomach clockwise, and relax when you release the water. Shower douches make this really easy because you can get the job done a whole lot faster and easier.

C – EAT MORE SOLUBLE FIBRE!! If you have issues with the first two options then this is your best bet! I have actually talked about this before in this post, but we’ll cover it again here. Metamucil is a bottom’s best friend. For real, if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. When you start taking it your poop becomes so well formed and fluffy, it’s actually a joy to expel/fascinating to observe. You would NEVER think that something that size could come out of your anus… Then again, compared to what you might be putting in…

Long story short, you only need to wipe because it is socially unacceptable not to. That’s how solid it is. Using your anal douche? A breeze. A couple of rinses and you are ready to play ball.

Again, don’t feel like there is something wrong with your body because some people make it seem like anal sex is no big deal. Everybody’s body works differently, so what works for somebody else might not be what works for you. Everybody has those days when they get frustrated because they are trying to clean themselves out and it takes so long the mood is lost.

Don’t get hung up over it. There will be plenty more opportunities for you!

To read more douching information click here, otherwise head to the MAD Homepage to see what we’re all about!

Douche on! Anal Adventurers!

– Jason


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