Water Bottle Enema Kits

Water Bottle Enemas

While technically this isn’t a ‘douche’ per-se, water bottle enema kits are a deep reaching colon cleanser which are often used in preparation for anal sex, as well as for their other intended uses (like general colonic health).

There are two water bottle enema kits on the market that stick out to me. The first is the CleanStream Water Bottle Enema Kit, which I have worked with and sold many a time before. The second is actually an enema kit from HealthandYoga.com which has gotten rave reviews on Amazon. If the people love it, I’m sure there is a reason!

Using these enema kits is fairly straight-forward and there are instructions provided for each. (While not completely the same, the basic gist can be found here) They both include the bottle, hooks to hang the filled bottle from a stand or rod, as well as all the necessary tubes, multiple nozzles, and also clamps to stop the flow of liquid.*

*The CleanStream Enema actually hangs opposite from the way indicated in the packaging illustration, meaning the tubing does not originate from the bottom of the bottle at all. Instead, it is a converted hot-water bottle turned enema bag. This lead several customers to feel mislead and unsatisfied with their product, which is definitely worth pointing out!

The HealthAndYoga.com Enema Kit sold by SoulGenie is produced purely as an enema product, no conversions here! These customers were, overall, much more satisfied with their purchases.

Ease of Use – More complicated than a bulb or shower douche, but you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Portable?  – Sure. You could take this anywhere you take a hot water bottle.

Quality – Both of these products will provide you with years of clean colons!

Price – $15.99 or less on Amazon for the CleanStream product

$35 or less on Amazon for the Health And Yoga product



Cleanstream Water Bottle Enema Kit


– 3.5/5


Health and Yoga Water Bottle Enema Kit


– 4/5