Water Based Lube

Water Based Lube

Water based lube, a versatile personal lubricant, is hugely popular for anyone who enjoys anal sex.

People love water based lube for several reasons:

Because water based lube doesn’t contain oils or silicone, it can be used with just about any toys and condoms. It is a handy partner to have on hand, hence it’s versatility!

Water based doesn’t stain your sheets or your clothes, unlike oil and silicone based lubes. It is water soluble and rinses off with ease. This is great for after sex cleanup, but it also means that it does NOT work well for shower (or pool) sessions!

While there are tons of different types of water based, like warming, cooling, tingling, relaxing, gels, creams and more, a number of them are known for being sterile. This makes it great for penetrative sex. Because it washes off so easily, it doesn’t leave behind a residue which can harbor bacteria.

With water as the main ingredient, it is cheaper to make these lubes which translates to a lower price per quantity compared to oil or silicone, in general. While this might seem like a huge draw, and it is, keep in mind that water based lube dries out and requires frequent reapplication or reactivation (usually some spit gets it going again!)

Though you’ll spend more on a good silicone lube, you’ll end up using much less. I find it equals out the costs over all.

The Best Water Based Lubes

Lubricant Name Qualities Rating Price
Gun Gel Gun Oil Gel 4 Oz (Package of 2) This thick gel is great for anal play because it stays wet, requiring less application. 5/5 $$
Gun Gel Wet Original Waterbased - 3.5 oz Bottle Wet has a thinner consistency, which can dry out, but feels great and doesn't hurt your wallet! 4/5 $
Wet Uranus - Anal Water Based Lube - 19.6oz Uranus is a thicker, longer lasting formula which is great for anal sex! 4/5 $$$$

Id Lubes - Glide Id Lubes - Glide Natural Feel - 4.4 Fluid Ounce Natural Glide has a thin consistency, which can be runny. Though it feels good, it can dry out quickly. ID is a household lubricant name though at the right price! 3.5/5 $
img Elbow Grease Gel - 10oz Elbow Grease products are specifically for anal pleasure and this thick, slick gel doesn't disappoint. 4/5 $$
img Jo Personal Lube H20 4.5Oz (Package of 2) Although I had never heard of this lube before I worked with and sold it, System JO is a great brand with quality products. The water based feels amazing, not too thin not too thick! 4.5/5 $$$
img Surgilube® Lubricating Jelly This surgical jelly is sterile and THICK. Although not designed for anal play in mind, it is condom and toy safe and is hugely popular! Super cheap to boot! 5/5 $
*All prices are approximate of Amazon and are subject to change. In general: $ = Less than $10, $ = $10.01 – $20, $$ = $20.01 – $30, $$ = $30+


Again, there are many varieties of this lube, all having some added ingredients that will differ from the next. However, the basic ingredients in almost all water based lubes tend to be glycerin and water. Other extra ingredients are added to make each specific product though.

Even surgical lube used by doctors is a water based lube. So in some forms, this lube can be very good for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Is water based lube condom and toy safe?

Yes. On both counts. This lube is good to go with latex toys and condoms, polyurethane condoms, pvc, and just about anything else you put it on.


As with any lube there are pros and cons


  • Easy to find and affordable
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • Works well with toys and condoms
  • Washes off easily and doesn’t stain
  • Lots of options


  • Dries out and becomes tacky
  • Requires frequent reapplication

Honestly, the biggest qualm with water based lubricant is that it requires a fair amount of reapplication. It’s really not a huge hassle, but it can put a stop to things when you’ve got a groove going which can be amazing.

On the same topic, if you don’t reapply it’s easy to cause a lot of friction on the skin which can be hard for people with sensitive skin! So make sure you reapply :)

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons with this lube, which is why it is such a hit, especially when it comes to anal sex.

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Happy Anal Adventures!
– Jason