Oil Based Lube

What is oil based lube?

Oil based lube is exactly what is sounds like! A personal lubricant who’s main ingredient is a type of oil.

These lubes are popular as both liquids and, of course, creams.

Oil lubes feel sleek and don’t absorb easily by the skin, which means that they don’t require frequent reapplication. This is great if you are giving sensual massages, or engaging in long lasting sessions where you don’t want to break the rhythm.

Unlike Silicone Lube and Water Based Lube, oil based lubes compromise latex condoms and toys. By decreasing elasticity and creating tiny holes, your condom is rendered useless! Oil based lubricants are better used in trusting relationships or for non-intercourse practices.

Because of the non-water soluble nature of this kind of lube, you are free to use these in the shower, bath, or pool (don’t tell your visitors though… they probably won’t find it as ‘sexy’ as you did!).

This also means that you will need to use a reasonable soap to wash it off after play to ensure any residue is not left behind, which can harbor bacteria! If you are looking for a quick and easy water soluble lubricant, read all about Water Based Lubes.

What are the ingredients in oil based lube?

Not all oil based lubes are made from the same type of oils though. They range from mineral and petroleum oils, to vegetable and coconut oils, with some unique options in between.

Usually made with basic, natural(ish) ingredients, oil lubricant is often associated as being easy going for allergy sufferers. Like silicone based lube, the fact that the oil doesn’t absorb means less friction on the skin, which means less chance of irritation as well.

Because these lubes are so slick and require very infrequent reapplication, they are great for anal sex, however…

Are oil based lubes condom and toy safe?

In a word, NO.

While there are one or two ‘condom compatible’ oil based products on the market, if you are purchasing an oil based lube, assume it will damage condoms AND toys.

The easy alternative is to purchase polyurethane condoms and toys made of pvc, which are both tough enough to endure use with oil products.


Oil based is just another case of pros and cons


  • Slick and water resistant
  • Doesn’t absorb by the skin


  • Harder to wash off
  • Can stain your sheets and clothes

Just like silicone based, oil lube requires a little more thought when using than a basic Water Based version.

Anticipating the use of some towels to avoid staining your sheets is a great choice and spending a few extra minutes washing off afterward is necessary to avoid left over residue. Besides being unhygenic, you end up ‘feeling like sex’ for the rest of the day which also isn’t as sexy as it leads you to believe!

I hope this answers some of the questions you might have about oil based lubricants! Head to MAD’s Anal Lube Page for more great lube info! Or head back to our homepage!

As always, happy anal adventures!

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