Anal Douching Tip


Now hear me out. I discovered Metamucil when I was 13 or 14 because my mother had it in the pantry. Being the curious boy that I was (ok, so maybe I wanted to emulate my mother! Who didn’t?!) I decided to try it once. I didn’t read the instructions so I literally took a spoonful and put in my mouth. Within moments there was this big ball of fibrous sludge in my mouth! I pondered the interesting texture for a minute and then washed it down with some water. Little did I know the events I had just set into motion!

The next day I take a seat on the toilet to do my regular business. I notice that it feels different coming out but don’t think too much of it. Anyway I take a look (yes, I look, don’t judge me) and it is literally the size of a Pringles can in one solid piece! It was shocking!

Ok before we go down the ‘poo story’ road I’ll steer back on track. It wasn’t until years later when I started having anal sex that I realized how helpful taking Metamucil would be. I was right. Not only does everything come out in large, fluffy pieces when you poop, but in all seriousness, you only need to wipe because you’d be a social pariah if you didn’t. It’s that clean and simple!

Seriously, if there was ever a poster child for Metamucil it’s me. The logo has even been my facebook profile picture. And I am not talking about generic store-brand soluble fibre. I have tried many different kinds and I don’t care how similar they make the packaging, it seriously does not work the same! I also recommend taking the coarse milled original flavor, I find it has the best effect. I don’t know what it is, but the fine ground flavored kinds don’t seem to do the trick.

Often when I am taking Metamucil on a regular basis I do not even feel the need to use an anal douche because it is very easy to gauge what is, or is not, in your body. However, I usually douche anyway and the process can be completed in a matter of a couple minutes. For that reason alone it’s worth it!

So there it is. Metamucil. Not just for old people! It is also the best anal douching aid you could ask for. In all seriousness, this is a product I can’t promote enough. I have turned so many friends onto soluble fibre and they all have the same reaction. Surprise and delight! If you have never tried Metamucil you need get some. If not for anything else, just to experience the first time it ‘works’. Although, I am sure you’ll love how easy it makes prepping for anal sex!

Thanks for taking the time to read this anal douching tip! Hope you found it useful!