Anal Douching Guide: How To Use A Shower Douche

Welcome to the anal douching guide for shower douches! If you are reading this guide it is most likely because you are interested in learning how to use a shower attachment anal douche. Lucky you!

Seriously, the first time that I used a shower attachment douche I was amazed. I was at my then boyfriend’s place and he had an actual attachment style douche in his shower. Needless to say, my curiosity got the better of me before long.  It changed my life. Ok, I’m being dramatic, however, it was amazing! The time you save and the ease of use definitely make a shower douche worth the investment.

Back to the article though. If you haven’t read the introduction to this guide check it out here so you can get all the prep information you need!


The Rectal Rinse:

Most shower douches have a broad, multi-hole nozzle. If this is the case, simply press the nozzle against your anus and allow the water to flow in. If, however, your nozzle only has a single spout it might be more convenient to insert it using a small amount of water based anal lube or unscented moisturizer, such as Aveno. Remember to keep the water pressure low. You only want to fill the rectum (6-7 inches) and you want to avoid having the water spill over into the colon. If you fill too much your body will automatically ‘evacuate the dance floor’ when you release the water, which isn’t the objective.

Once the lukewarm water is inside your body wait for 15-20 seconds. All you are trying to do is loosen whatever particles may be on the rectal walls. When you are ready gently release the water from your body. If you feel the need, you can use the toilet, but as long as there is running water your shower should be able to handle it.

Remember, you aren’t trying to push anything out. You simply want the water to exit your anus. Once this is accomplished, repeat the process until the water that comes out of you is clear. Fairly straight forward, just make sure you stay relaxed so as to avoid triggering a full blown bowel movement.


The Colon Cleanse:

Ok, essentially follow the steps for the rectal rinse, except this time the goal is to eradicate everything from the colon. Like an at-home enema. Instead of only filling the first 6-7 inches of the rectum you are going to allow the water to run a bit longer. Again, with a multi-spout nozzle you should be able to press the tip against your anus and water will enter you. If you decide to actually insert the nozzle into your anus I would strongly recommend using either a water based lubricant, or a high quality, unscented skin moisturizer as the skin around your anus can be sensitive and repetitive prodding will get annoying quickly without lubricant.

Let the water run maybe twice as long as you would for the rectal rinse before removing the nozzle. There is no need to fill yourself till you feel ‘full’. If you are doing this you are probably putting too much water in and you may run the risk of damaging internal tissue.

Once the water is inside you try massaging your stomach in a clockwise motion, as this will help loosen anything which is sitting in the colon. Move around, hop up and down a few times (BE CAREFUL IN THE SHOWER!) and after 20 seconds or so, push it out. You might want to use the toilet for the first couple rounds as there can often be more than you expect up there, although with running water in the shower I have never had any issues.

Same idea as with the rectal rinse, repeat until the water runs clean. Remember, to take your time and stay relaxed. Also, as the colon has some twists and turns, make sure you really get the last of the water out! The body can usually absorb a small leftover amount, however, I have heard my share of embarrassing stories where people rushed into anal sex directly after using an anal douche without taking the time to double check they were completely empty. These are the stories that are funny because enough time as passed. It’s worth it to double check!


That’s it! You are now wealth of information when it comes to douching before anal sex. Go enjoy yourself and have fun with confidence. I hope you found this guide useful and that you have found plenty of other helpful information on!

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