Anal Douching Guide: How To Use A Portable Douche

Welcome to the anal douching guide for portable douches! This guide will teach you how to use an anal douche and get you prepped for anal sex!

I think the first time that I attempted to douche I had read somewhere on the internet to use a water bottle and just squeeze it in! My how much I’ve learned since the old days! A portable douche/bulb douche is a bottom’s best friend. You can take them with you when you travel and they are easy to store! Shower douche attachments are great but they aren’t exactly inconspicuous. The bulb douche is totally convenient!

Before we get started if you haven’t read the introduction to this anal douching guide check it out here as there is some information you will want to know! Alright, lets get this going!

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The Rectal Rinse:

First thing is first. Fill your douche with lukewarm water. Some bulb douches have a nozzle that screws off but a lot of them have have an attached nozzle. If yours is a one-piece device then simply use the suction to get water inside. If you have a nozzle that unscrews, however, you can easily pour water directly into the bulb.

Portable douche nozzles can either be single spout or multi-spout. A multi-spout nozzle can be pressed against the anus without actual penetration, however, assuming yours is a single spout you will need to insert the tip just past the sphincter. You might be able to get away with pressing the tip against your anus, however, if you are standing in the bathroom and not in the shower you run the risk of having the excess water drip all over the place. Hassle.

I recommend using a water based anal lube to accomplish this. Even a good quality, non scented body lotion will do. I don’t know why I am plugging Aveno, but I love it, so that’s what I recommend. Just rub a little of the lube or lotion on your anus and that should allow for easy access.

Once the tip is SLIGHTLY passed the sphincter squeeze some of the lukewarm water inside your rectum. Remember the rectum is only 7-8 inches deep, usually one squeeze (or less) with your hand will do the trick and then remove the nozzle from your body. The goal here is to loosen any particles from the rectal walls. If water spills over the top of the rectum and into the colon this will trigger a bowel movement, which you don’t want.

Once the water is inside you wait for 15-20 seconds and take a seat on the toilet. Without pushing too hard release the water out of your anus.

Repeat until the water runs clear and you are good to go!

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The Colon Cleanse:

Follow the steps for the rectal rinse up until you squeeze the water in. Instead of stopping with one squeeze of your hand or less, I would empty the bulb. Usually a douche bulb doesn’t tend to be very large so for your first round feel free to refill the bulb and empty another squeeze (or bulb) into your colon.

Once the water is sitting inside you move around a bit, hop up and down and massage your stomach clockwise a few times to stimulate the colon. Take a seat on the toilet and let it go!

As a side note, I had a customer come back after using an anal douche for the first time and say with a shocked tone “Jason, you didn’t tell me I would poop!!”. So let me warn you right now. You’ll probably poop, even if you’ve done it recently.

Repeat this process until the water runs clear. Yes, it might take a few cycles, just be patient and stay relaxed and soon you’ll be ready for all kinds of action!

Ok, here’s another warning for you. Make sure you take the time to double check and make sure that all of the water has exited stage left. I have heard far too many stories of people who rushed the process and ran into some embarrassing moments shortly thereafter! The colon absorbs liquid, that’s what it’s job is. You are usually fine if there is a small amount of water left up there and you give your body a few minutes. However, if there is still a whole bulb full sitting up there your body will not be able to absorb it on the fly. So take the time to make sure that you are empty! It’s worth it.


Once you are finished, remember to rinse your anal douche to avoid bacterial build up while it’s in storage. Hot water and a little soap does the trick. Just make sure the soap has washed off so you don’t put it in your body the next time you douche!

I hope you found this anal douching guide helpful! Best of luck and I wish you some safe and fun anal adventures!

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