Is Anal Douching Safe?

There is a lot of discussion over the dangers of anal douching and a lot of people ask “is anal douching safe?”. Regardless of the answer, people are obviously still douching before anal sex so I decided to do a little research and find out some of the facts and concerns people have with the practice.

Before I dive right in, a little disclaimer. I have an entire site devoted to anal douching so clearly I am biased on the matter. That being said, I understand the reasoning behind the concerns and I am not going to try and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your body, I am simply trying to take a look at the questions I hear and come to logical conclusions!

Is anal douching safe?


This is the question I hear, and have read the most in regards to cleaning your ass before anal sex. The main issues that people reference when talking about this subject are

1 – that douching can irritate or even tear the lining of your anal canal leaving you susceptible to std transmission and…

2 – that douching removes beneficial mucous and bacterium from the bowel which can act as a natural lubricant, protect against STIs and also can cause irregular bowel movements.


In regards to the first concern, yes, it is totally possible to irritate or tear the lining inside the anus. That is a very sensitive area for sure and you need to be careful. The best way to handle this is to first, make sure you are working with a douche nozzle that is smooth and without rough edges. Rough edges are easy to smooth out with a little creativity!

Also, just like anal sex, USE LUBE AND GO SLOW!! There should be no rush while douching, although I totally get that sometimes you are extremely eager to get started on the main event, take your time!

Use a high quality, water based anal lube, wiped it over the nozzle and on/in your sphincter and SLOWLY insert the nozzle while staying relaxed. As long as you treat your body right and take your time you will greatly decrease the risk of tearing the anal lining.

Lastly, the greatest way to decrease the risk of transmitting std’s through anal sex is to practice safe sex! Use a condom and, while it might be an uncomfortable question, ask your partner’s about their STI status’ before engaging in sexual activity. Trust me, asking before is less uncomfortable than finding out later.


In regards to the second concern, if you are clearing your entire colon every time you douche, yes, you will be clearing out a lot of mucous and bacteria as well. You can avoid this by only practicing the rectal rinse, although this will still wash away anything in the rectal cavity (that’s what it’s purpose is), but will still leave the rest of the colon alone, where the digestion happens.

The issue of irregular bowel functions seems to only be an issue if one over-douches. As with anything in life, moderation is key. Full enema’s are actually encouraged from time to time so the actual act of clearing out your colon isn’t the issue, it’s the frequency. Use your judgement. Eating a piece of pie every now then is great. Eating a piece twice a day… not the best.

Again, the issue of STI transmission isn’t an problem if you practice safe sex. Use a condom, lots of lube, and take your time!


There is, however, one risk which can arise for people with high blood pressure when using and enema or a full douche of the colon. The colon is designed to absorb liquid back into the blood. When an enema or douche is preformed and left inside the body for too long the liquid can be absorbed and cause unnecessary stress on the heart.

When I douche, it’s normally a quick in-and-out affair that doesn’t leave much time for the colon to absorb. Still, it is a something to consider for those with hypertension.


So there you have it. While the main concerns are legitimate, listening to your body, practicing in moderation and using a condom greatly reduces the risks associated with anal douching.


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