How long before anal sex should I douche?

One question I seem to get asked a lot is – “how long before anal sex should I be douching?”

While this is definitely a question who’s answer will vary from person to person and can be affected by a few different circumstances such as how much food you’ve eaten, if you will eat AFTER douching, what you’ve eaten, etc… It is still possible for us to narrow down a general time frame for douching before anal sex.

Let’s also take note of the fact that there are two timeframe cut offs for the effectiveness of douching.

The first is ‘how early can I douche before sex without it becoming ineffective?’.

It’s important to remember that it’s good to have a bowel movement a few hours before having sex. This greatly reduces the chances of anything becoming dislodged from your colon and working it’s way into the rectum (which will be occupied with a penis, or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

If you are going for the gusto with a full Colon Cleanse, it’s having that movement beforehand isn’t AS important, but it will certainly make the process a lot quicker.

If you are going for a simple Rectal Rinse then yes, having that movement will allow you to go at it will much more confidence knowing that you aren’t waiting to burst at the seams!

When you eat a meal sized portion of food, your body will often move whatever is processing inside you ‘down the line’ to make room for the new food. Therefore, if you douche sometime in the afternoon, wait a few hours, have dinner and then have sex, you are going to be at much higher risk for an accident than if you have dinner, ‘evacuate the dance floor’, douche, and go at it.

In reality, yes, it’s totally possible to douche and have a meal and then get fucked without any incident. I have done it, my friends have done it (yes, my friends and I talk about everything), it can happen.

However, for my own peace of mind, I prefer to douche AFTER a meal.

Just think about your body and your natural bowel routine. If you like to have a big dump after your evening meal and plan on getting fucked in the evening, wait till after dinner!


The second timeframe cut off is ‘how late can I wait to douche before sex?’

  Now this one can totally depend on how quickly you cleaned yourself out. If you were able to rinse clean in a couple of cycles without much hassle, you’ll probably in the clear to take some dick right away.

However, if you need to eradicate every last particle up there and it took several rinses, there could easily be some excess water lodged up there and it’s important to either push it all out OR wait for 20 minutes or so for your body to absorb the majority of the liquid. That’s what the colon does!

The important thing is the MAKE SURE YOU ARE EMPTY! I have heard several stories of jumping on it too quick and releasing a tidal wave of douche water! I have been VERY close to this situation myself.

If you are sure you are clear, you are good to go.

Just remember, no matter what, at some point you are going to deal with shit. That’s where it comes from!

There is NOTHING to be upset about if it happens to you. Shit happens. Your partner(s) will be understanding, and if they aren’t then they aren’t worth it. Bottoming is damn hard work!

Anyway, the general idea is that 2-3 hours before – 20 minutes before is the best timeframe you can work with.

Again, this will vary for each person, but I’ve found this to be a pretty accurate time frame to run off of personally. I hope it helps you out a bit too! Head back to the MAD homepage to read more!

Thanks guys! As always, happy anal adventures!