Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Large Silicone Butt Plug Review

Ahh, the butt.

Truly an exquisite element of the universe. I bought the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Large Silicone Butt Plug from my favourite online sex toy store Lovehoney for several reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to explore anal play a little more, and I figured I needed an upgrade from the cheap and truly terrible jelly set (don’t buy jelly toys!) that I owned.

Secondly, I wanted to be able to wear the butt plug for extended periods of time without it forcibly shooting out of my asshole. Thirdly, I have a fairly large ass, and so butt plugs with a circular base don’t fit well between my cheeks and tend to dislodge themselves, as mentioned above.

I wanted a plug with a t-bar base that would fit nicely between my buns, so I could get on with my day without being constantly paranoid of a rogue butt plug.The silicone butt plug measures 12.5cm in length with an insertable length of 11.5cm.

At its widest point, the girth is 10.5cm in circumference, and at its smallest point (the handle end) the girth measures 4.8cm. It weighs 75g and is made of silicone, so for the love of God don’t use a silicone-based lube with it.

Oil, hybrid, or water-based lube will do the trick. The t-bar base measures at 9.5cm long from one end to the other. The base is quite flexible and malleable, and has a fair amount of give to it, while the insertable length is much thicker and is only slightly flexible – not enough to move about more than a centimetre or so in each direction. It comes in light pink and, thankfully, black.Though I am no anal expert, I purchased the large option.

From the pictures shown on the website, the small and medium sizes looked so small that I feared my butt would quickly outgrow them. Though I listed the dimensions of the plug above, I would give this plug a beginner to moderate butt-experience rating. The girth is moderate, but a beginner would be able to handle this toy, I’m sure.

However, it is quite long and that may put off some anal virgins or those with little experience. If you haven’t cleaned yourself out before using this toy, it’s likely that you may get some mess on it.

One day I wore this plug for 5+ hours without douching and it was like a scene from a horror movie when I took it out, I tell ya. If the thought of any amount of butt goop on your plug fills you with dread, I’d suggest purchasing a douche along with your silicone butt plug (or alternatively being more realistic about what the butthole is designed to do, but that’s up to you).

Like any silicone toy, this thing eats up lint and dust like there’s no tomorrow – if this toy were an iconic spaghetti western actor, it’d be Lint Eastwood (…sorry). I’d recommend storing this plug in some sort of sealed container or toy bag so it doesn’t become a dust bunny magnet.In use, the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Silicone Butt Plug is very comfortable to wear.

The t-bar base fits nicely between my cheeks, meaning I’m not in constant fear of it ejecting itself from my butthole. The tapering towards the handle is significant enough that it stays in place nicely, and proportionate enough so that taking the butt plug out isn’t a whole new ordeal in itself.

After the initial discomfort of insertion, the sensation of it in is comfortable, but not entirely unnoticeable – after all, what would be the point if it was unnoticeable?

My main problem with this toy is that it just doesn’t at all fit well with my anatomy. It’s a vagina hog. Although the handle has a slight wedge (presumably so you can decide if you’d like the thicker or thinner end in your butt crack or your perineum), either way I wear the plug it blocks off my vagina. I can’t escape it.

It’s possible that my anatomy may just be more compact than the average vulva, but I highly doubt that even the most spacious of vulvas (vulvae?) wouldn’t have some trouble with vaginal penetration while using this plug.

Not only does the base get in the way, but if you chose to go ahead and try to fit some fingers or a penis in there, the owner probably will not appreciate being stabbed ruthlessly by the base of this plug. While I have had vaginal sex with this silicone butt plug in, I found it hard to relax and lose myself in it while my vagina and my partner’s penis were constantly being poked by the handle – though that could be simply because it was my first time having sex with a butt plug in, and that I was unused to the sensation.

My partner says he was always aware it was there. At first, he said, he was worried it would be abrasive on his cock, but after a while he began to notice it less and less. With lube, the abrasiveness was not an issue, but it definitely took some getting used to as there was constant contact with the butt plug on his penis.

He liked the sensation of the silicone butt plug against the vaginal lining and is eager to experience the sensation more.The t-bar base needs to be about half as long as it is for it to be compatible with intercourse or any type of penetration for my body.

It’s just not worth trying to stuff things inside my vagina when this little bugger is working against me. If you have a penis, this plug may offer you additional stimulation to your taint, which some may find pleasurable.

I don’t know.

I’d assume that it was specifically designed to stimulate or press on the taint, and that’s why the base is so freaking long – that’s the only way it makes sense to me.I love the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Silicone Butt Plug, I really do.

To be perfectly fair, though, this is only the second butt plug I’ve ever owned, so I don’t exactly have a lot to compare it with. My butt doesn’t yet appreciate the difference between a cheap jelly toy and a finely crafted plug. But because I use this toy on a daily basis for my daily anal penetration task (I’ll post more on BDSM and my D/s relationship in the future),

I’ve gotten to know it pretty well. And the majority of the time it does me very well – I just can’t help feeling like I’d get so much more enjoyment out of it if it was compatible with my vulva!

Alas, the hunt for the goldilocks silicone butt plug continues …For Australians, I’d recommend buying here from Lovehoney or here from Wild Secrets.

For international buyers, you can get it here at SheVibe or here at Early to Bed.