Colt Anal Douche Review

The Colt Anal Douche is a handheld douching system that provides everything you need for a quick and comfortable (and potentially pleasurable!) douching experience. This model features a second, larger detachable nozzle which is ticker and ribbed for pleasure and can double as a toy. Somebody at Colt was getting creative!

Ease of Use:

This bulb douche is very straightforward. The design is seamless which means that to fill with water you use suction, aka, squeeze the air out, suck the water in. Pretty simple.
The downside to having a seamless bulb is that the primary nozzle does not detach or unscrew, meaning to fill you douche you need to suck the water in which can take a bit of finessing to ensure no air remains inside.


Portable or Non Portable:

This product is totally portable! Travel away, good (clean) folks!
The bulb measures 7.5” in height, and the additional nozzle adds another 6”.



Colt is a well established brand that has been adding value to the gay porn industry for eons. That being said, I have never been particularly impressed with the standards used in their toys or underwear. Although there is nothing wrong with this product, I feel like a couple corners were cut.

The seamless design looks great, but the nozzle is actually held in place by pressure from the surrounding material. If the bulb is squeezed with too much force the primary nozzle can actually become detached which is a huge hassle as water goes everywhere except your ass! The same thing has been known to happen when attempting to remove the secondary nozzle from the primary. However, with a little less aggression this can be completely avoided!



The Colt Anal Douche is usually priced between $25-$40 in stores. However, on this douche is usually around $15!

Overall, you aren’t going to go wrong with this product if you treat your belongings with care. As with any handheld bulb you will most likely need to refill a few times, which can be a bit of a hassle when using the suction method. Otherwise, this product fulfills the tasks it claims to do!

Overall: 3/5