CleanStream Shower Enema System Review

clean streem enimaThe CleanStream Shower Enema System is a fantastic device that allows for quick and easy douching in the shower. This anal douche is a huge time saver and a bottom’s best friend!

This stainless steel shower douche comes with two exchangeable nozzles, one larger with a broad, five hole tip, and one thin with a single spout. It also comes with a water diverter to split the water stream between the shower head and the douche with a simple valve. The hose itself is 6 feet long which is great for freedom of movement. Additional nozzles are manufactured by Cleanstream which can be purchased for additional stimulation!


Ease of Use:

As far as the actual douching goes, this product is awesome. To start, all you need to do is toggle the valve to switch the water stream from between the shower head and the hose. Because you are in the shower when using the device and the water stream is constant there is no wasted time associated with portable douches. The process is literally: insert – release – insert – release – repeat until clean. This is a huge plus.

Cleaning of the actual device is a breeze. The flow of water from the nozzle inhibits any particles from getting inside. All you need to do wash off the outside with some soap, which is easy enough to do while you’re still in the shower.

The down side of a shower douche is that you need to install it. While this really isn’t a huge deal, and can usually be accomplished in a matter of minutes, although it is slightly more work than NOT installing an enema system. Also, while a bulb can easily be stored under your sink, a full shower system is a little more conspicuous and harder to hide, due to the extra permanent valve. Although the actual hose can be detached from the splitting valve, the valve itself will remain.


Portable or Non Portable:

Well, it’s attached to your shower. Non portable. That being said, the actual hose itself is detachable from the valve, and if one were so inclined they could travel with the hose… and whatever tools are necessary for shower head removal and installation.



I have used and sold this system many a time and have had no complaints from either myself or any of the customers purchased it. In fact, exactly the opposite, everybody loves it! The only thing I have heard can be an issue is if you have high water pressure the water splitter can malfunction. I have never had this issue but it isn’t unheard of. Easy solution – Don’t have the water on full blast/don’t completely shut off water to the shower head.



Usually $40+ in store, this product is usually around $30 on Amazon.

Overall, the CleanStream Shower Enema System is a great product. I love it and everybody who I have talked to who uses it feels the same. The time you save truly makes this a worthwhile product!

Rating: 4.5/5