CleanStream Enema Bulb Review

The Cleanstream Enema Bulb is a fantastic portable anal douche that covers all your needs while staying conveniently small and reasonably priced.

Ease of Use:

Ok, so one of my favourite douche brands Streemmaster, has become next to impossible to find, and one of my old work colleagues informs me that they are no longer in business. Who knew that the douche industry could be such a tough one to survive in? Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because this CleanStream model has the same removable nozzle feature that I loved so much about Streemmaster mini douche. Having a removable, easy to insert nozzle is the bee’s knees when douching because you don’t need to worry about filling up up the sink, you can just pour the water directly into the bulb.

Cleaning is also super easy because you can flush the bulb out quickly and leave the nozzle off which allows everything to dry quickly, avoiding bacterial buildup. Clever!
Anyway, this product is about as easy to use as douches come. My one complaint is that the bulb doesn’t have a large capacity to hold water so you may have to do several refills in order to flush out your system completely.

Portable or Non Portable:

This is a portable model. Not only is it quite small, with a 4.25 inch high bulb, but the removable 2.5 inch nozzle makes this little guy even more travel ready and discrete.



Probably the best value for your money that you will find on the market these days! The bulb is made of rubber and the insertable tip is made of plastic. Occasionally the tip can have a rough edge due to the mold it was cast in. This is easy enough to sand away and make smooth.



This product is usually available for $10 or less on amazon! One of, if not THE most affordable model you will find in the category.

As far as mini douches go, the CleanStream Enema Bulb is a fantastic purchase. A great brand, great quality and a simple to use product. I would definitely recommend this product. More so over the Colt model (unless you are interested in the thicker, ribbed attachment that the Colt Anal Douche comes with!).

Rating: 4/5