CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb Review

The CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb is the perfect anal douche for getting a deep clean before anal sex! This douche is the big brother to regular sized CleanStream bulb. With a longer, curved nozzle and a larger capacity bulb, it means business!

Ease of Use:

As with the other portable CleanStream douche I’ve reviewed, this one has a screw off nozzle which totally handy for fill up, clean up and storage. The water pours right inside and it’s super easy to rinse out as well and dry as well. When you are finished using the product the nozzle can actually be inserted inside the bulb for storage. Pretty convenient.

This particular product has a larger nozzle which is designed for deep penetration to spray water WAY up there! This feature is fantastic, however, there is really only one gauge of thickness which means that you will definitely want to use lube. Also, if you aren’t used to having ‘things’ in your ass, this might actually be slightly uncomfortable.

So although the technical side of this product is simple and convenient on paper, in reality this douche can be a bit of a challenge for some!

Portable or Non Portable:

Although slightly larger than the other handheld bulb units reviewed on this site, this is still a portable product that would not be an issue to travel with!

The bulb itself is 5.5 inches in height with the nozzle an additional 5.25 inches.



The bulb is high quality, the nozzle actually screws inward so water leaking out is uncommon which is a total plus. The nozzle itself has had some attention to detail paid to it. It is curved to go with the inside line of your body, and also is slightly carved at the tip where the holes are for maximum water distribution. The only thing that I’ll say is that occasionally where the holes are placed there can be some rough edges. I am not going to suggest ways for you to modify your douche at home, however, with a little creativity this wouldn’t even be an issue!

Overall this a high quality, well thought out product.


Usually $20+ in stores, you can purchase this douche for around $12 online on Amazon.

Overall, the CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb is a great purchase for the ‘seasoned’ user! It definitely delivers on the ‘deep clean’ promise, however, the lack of exchangeable nozzle gauges could make it a little intimidating for the under-experienced anal adventurer.