Butt Plugs : The Story of Unexpected Pleasures

The Pleasures of a Butt Plug

I have been wearing a butt plug for a few days now and can’t think of anything else. The amazing feeling of having something like this pushed into my ass is one of the greatest feelings I have ever known. I was never one of those guys that was ever interested in things like anal play, at least not with my ass anyway, but after playing around with a plug for a bit, I find it extremely satisfying. The fact that you can purchase specific designs of swimwear that holds the plug in is even better.

Now I know that this isn’t for everyone out there. Some guys get nauseous when thinking about using an item like this, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at least try it once. You will be just as amazed as I was to find out that using a buut plug for long periods of time will make you feel close to invincible. I’m not out there running into traffic or base jumping, but I do find that the things that used to bother me on a regular basis aren’t quite as bad as I used to think they were.

That kind of confidence is something few guys actually get to enjoy unless they use a butt plug on a regular basis. I even use mine while I am working in order to make the day go by quicker. Since I spend most of my work day sitting in an office chair, having a plug in has brought me countless hours of enjoyment and sexual gratification that nothing else on the market can give me. You will get the chance to find that kind of gratification as well once you start using an item like this while you are working.

Of course, there is also the fact that using a plug while you are off of work and relaxing in your own home will give you an amount of pleasure unknown to you in the past. This is the time of day when you want to have some fun and experience things that you might normally not be able to. But when I get off work and haven’t been using my anal plug all day, the first thing I want to do is slide it in and watch some porn on the computer. It’s a habit that I have that I enjoy more and more every day.

You don’t have to think of using a butt plug as something that is purely sexual in nature. There are some guys that just love the feeling of having a plug in and it doesn’t actually turn them on in any way. I wouldn’t know much about that, though, as using my plug is always a huge turn-on. I have even found it difficult to walk around without having an erection while I am using one of my plugs. There is a very good chance that you will be just like me as well. Of course, you will never know until you actually purchase your first plug and try it out. Then you will be able to find out what side of the fence you happen to be on.

Butt Plugs for Something New

“Hey baby, I bought a butt plug and we’re gonna try something new tonight!”

Now that’s a sentence that can either make your cock grow instantly hard or make you clench your ass cheeks together in dread. It completely depends on how you feel about having your ass invaded with a foreign object.

My wife came home the other night and yelled out that exact sentence to me before she even got the door all the way closed. I was one of those men who clenched. We had never included anal sex in our intimate life and I wasn’t all that sure that I was going to be up for something like having a butt plug inserted into me.

For a very brief second, I entertained the idea that maybe she got it for us to use on her. But that fantasy didn’t last very long as she started to explain to me how we would begin slowly and work our way up to where I felt comfortable with this particular object inside of me. So I knew I was in for a very interesting evening.

As it turned out, my fears were rather unfounded. She had the foresight to purchase a butt plug of the smallest size so that I didn’t need to worry about being ripped apart or anything like that. Also, she used every trick in her considerable arsenal of sex moves to excite me so by the time she inserted that plug; my formerly tight little asshole was more than open to it.

Once she put it inside of me, we continued on just like always, but this time there was a definite difference. The fullness that I was experiencing was causing me all sorts of sensations. By the time I came, I was totally on board with making the butt plug a regular part of our sex play.

You may just want to give it a shot, too.