Best Butt Plug

Looking for the Best Butt Plug?

Looking for a butt plug? You’re not alone. There’s like, 33,000 searches for butt plugs every month in the US alone on google!! Clearly people are looking for some anal fun!

Is this your first time around the subject and you’re looking for some info first? Sure! Relax, read on, and we’ll find the best butt plug for you…

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a type of anal toy that tends to be shorter than a dildo (I said tends to be, trust me, I’ve seen those huge ones at the back of the store too), and has a flared base to avoid it getting lost in your rectum.

Butt plugs really do come in all shapes and sizes for all sorts of “experience” levels. Below are some of the best butt plugs available.

The Best Butt Plugs

When it comes to anal toys there are certain brand names that have solidified themselves in the market, and our nightstand drawers. Companies like Doc Johnson, Titan Men, and Colt all have high quality products available that stimulate and excite the senses.

Beginner:Silicone Anal Trainer Kit

The Silicone Anal Trainer Kit is a great choice for a beginner because it comes with a small and a larger plug, as well as with some small anal beads. You can take things at your own pace and upgrade if you feel comfortable doing so! Just remember, with silicone toys, you only want to use water based lube, otherwise you will destroy your toy! For more information, check out our Anal Lube section!

Intermediate: TitanMen Training Tool

The TitanMen Training Tool is a great choice for an intermediate user. This plug has a little bit of length to it, and it’s not too thick, making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The plastic exterior completely protects the toy, meaning that you can use either silicone lubricant or water based lubricant and the toy will survive!

Advanced: Pipedream Products Large Silicone Plug

The Pipedream Products Large Silicone Plug is the advanced user’s best butt plug! This plug is designed to stretch you out, so make sure you know what you’re doing before diving into this sort of fun! Again, silicone toy means Water Based Lube!

Of course there are many more butt plugs out there for you to choose from, this has just been a selection of the best butt plugs available today!

Why not head over to our Anal Toys section, or maybe have a gander at our Anal Lube selection before heading back to our homepage?

Happy Anal Adventures!

– Jason