Anal Rinse Review

The Anal Rinse by Dr. Thomas is a product designed specifically to rinse the rectal cavity. I wouldn’t even venture as far as to call this device a full blown douche! But if you’re in a pinch or just need to rinse out the anal canal this might be the product for you!

Ease of use:
With a removable nozzle, this little guy is super easy to fill and to clean. Simply remove the tip, fill with luke warm water, replace tip, insert into anus, squeeze, repeat. Done.
What I will say is that the nozzle can sometimes be a bit finicky and not stay sealed when squeezing the water out. However, if you use while you are in the shower this is really not a big deal. Otherwise be careful about the amount of pressure you apply to the bulb and make sure the entire tip is inserted to avoid cleaning up over-ambitious water!
As said, the Anal Rinse is really only meant for cleansing the anal canal and not the colon. If you want to stimulate the colon you will need to use a full douche. For more information on the different ways to use an anal douche, check out the anal douching guide!

Portable or Non Portable:
This product is only 3.5 inches with the tip on! It could almost be labelled TOO portable! Keep tabs on this when not in use or you might lose it!

I won’t lie to you, this isn’t the best product on the market. Especially when considering it’s limited use. The tip may come off with too much pressure and the water will leak sometimes. However, if you’re looking for a quick fix, this would be the device for you.

Generally you’ll find this online around $10. Not a bad price, but for the same price you can get a regular sized bulb douche which can do what this does and also has the bulb capacity to rinse the entire colon.

Overall this a good product, but it’s not great. It’s limited to only preforming a rectal rinse and it can be a little tricky to deal with at times if you aren’t already in the shower!