Among the many fun items I spent time stocking, selling and using while working in at the ‘gay adult lifestyle store’ (including anal douches!) were high quality anal lubes! Before I worked with these products I really thought that personal lubricants were all the same. That you could just walk into the drugstore and pick out some KY jelly and that it would be the same as the lube you would buy at a store designed around sex. I was wrong.

What’s worse is that apparently the majority of the population is in the same boat I was! I have been with men who seem to have it all together: they’ve got the moves, the bedroom is well taken care of, there are even candles softly lighting the scene (ok, I thought the candles were a bit much… we both knew why I was there!), and then they pull out this half crumpled tube of some no-name lubricant like my ass doesn’t deserve the very best! Unacceptable.

Needless to say, I think it’s necessary to educate the average reader on the best anal lubes on the market to prevent anybody else going through this experience (or being that guy!).


There are 3 main types of lubes used for anal sex? Water based, silicone based, and oil based.

Contrary to popular belief, almost all silicone based lubricants on the market these days are condom compatible. OIL based lubricants, on the other hand, are not (usually) and run the risk of damaging a latex condom.

Here is how they compare:

Water Based Anal Lubricants:

Water based lube is extremely popular for several reasons. It feels light to the touch compared to oil or silicone based products. Water based lube is extremely easy to wash off, (think about water coming in contact with water, as opposed to the reaction water and oil have with each other). It does not stain your sheets or clothes, it is compatible with condoms and toys, and it is generally less expensive than silicone or oil based products.

The downside to water based lubricants is that they dry out fairly quickly and become sticky, requiring frequent reapplication. They are also not as slick as silicone or oil based products.

These are my favorite WATER BASED LUBES!

Lube Size Why I like Price Rating
img Gun Oil Gel 4 Oz 4 oz (x2) This gel stays slick and stays where you apply it! $$ 5/5
Gun Oil H2O Water, Based Lubricant For Men 16 oz (Quantity of 2) 16 oz (x2) High quality lube, can't go wrong! (Sorry, I couldn't find the link to singular bottles!) $$$ 5/5
Wet Original Lubricant - 10.1 oz 10.1 oz Great price, great brand! $$ 4/5
Id Glide Natural Feel Water Based Lubricant, 4.4 oz
4.4 oz People love ID, I have sold oodles of it! It a good lube in my books, but I honestly couldn't count how many bottles of ID I've sold. $ 4/5
Surgilube® Lubricating Jelly
4.25 oz CHEAP! This jelly is also great because it stays slick and is great for use with toys! $ 4/5

Silicone Based Anal Lubricants:

I love silicone lube. It is SUPER slick which makes it a huge help when dealing with… larger men. Because of the silicone base it does not dry out quickly and often times you will only have to apply once to last through your entire session! Fantastic!
Here’s the T though: silicone anal lube cannot be used with silicone toys! (unless you use a condom to cover your toy). Literally, your toy will end up looking like a melted candle… I’ve made the mistake of having two silicone toys TOUCHING each other and they now have permanent imprints! My ‘Carl Ryder’ model has a dent now. Silicone is also known to stain sheets, although I have found these stains usually come out with a little TLC!

Also, because silicone lube is of a higher quality than water based lube it is usually a little pricier. While you might end up paying a couple extra pennies for the it, a bottle of silicone will last you much longer than a bottle of water based so I find it evens out.

These are my favorite SILICONE BASED LUBES!

Lubes Size Why I like it Price Rating
Pjur Man Basic Personal Glide
3.4 oz This lube is like velvet! A little pricey but its super concentrated which means you'll end up using less per session! $$$ 5/5
Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Based Lubricant 8.9 oz Light to the touch, VERY slick, and reasonably priced. $$$ 4/5
System Jo Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant
2.5 oz Thick and slick. Love it! $$ 5/5
I-D Millennium Silicone Lubricant
4.4 oz Popular with the public, this long lasting lube is produced by a great company and feels amazing! $$ 4/5
Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube 8 oz Cheap! Honestly, this lube isn't a super favorite of mine but the people love it! I'm guessing based on the price alone! $$ 3.5/5

Oil Based Anal Lubes:

I am not going to spend much time talking about oil based lubricants because they basically do not agree with condoms or toys, for the most part! Oil based lubricants generally come in tubs in the form of creams and are usually used for some more ‘committed’ sexual activities. They are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but oil based anal lubricants don’t really fit with the theme of this site so I’ll leave them alone for now!

Ok, below are two charts of my 5 favorite anal lubes, both water and silicone based. Keep in mind, these are just my personal recommendations that I have found to be the most enjoyable/best bang for your buck… so to speak! I hope you find the same!

The tables above are broken down as follows:

  • Product
  • Size (in oz)
  • A quick reason for why I like it!
  • Price*
  • Rating (out of 5)

*Prices are approximate of and vary depending on promotions and sales. So here’s the gist $ = $10 or less, $ = $10-$20, $$ = $20+
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– Jason