Anal Douching Guide

First time using an anal douche? Don’t fret, it’s really not complicated! In fact it’s very similar to the ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ you’re all so familiar with, however, it’s even simpler. Just rinse and repeat! This anal douching guide will teach you how to use an anal douche and prep for receiving anal sex. So, let’s start out with the basics!

First thing is first. It’s reasonably important to note that having anal sex after eating a big meal is generally not the best idea… well, if you’re receiving that is. It is worth waiting a couple of hours, allow the meal to settle, perhaps have a bowel movement, and of course douche! Just a tip!

Check out our article about when to use an anal douche for more info!

Secondly, when douching, you always want to use lukewarm water. NEVER use hot water, not only would it be painful, it could be very harmful to your body causing irreversible damage! Although I am not 100% on the damage cold water could inflict, I can tell you that even when the water is slightly cooler than intended it is quite an uncomfortable shock! As well, I have read on several sites to use a mild soapy solution. DON’T! Soap will irritate the rectal and colonic lining which makes it much more susceptible to tears and infections. Just stick with lukewarm water. Trust me.

Also, whether you are using a shower douche or a portable douche/bulb douche the principles are the same. – Insert water into anus. Release water from anus. – However, I will provide two separate guides for either user to eliminate unnecessary reading!


Ok! There are two ways you can douche your anus.

1 – The Rectal Rinse

The first is that you only fill the rectum with a little bit of water so that it doesn’t spill into the colon. We’ll call this the ‘Rectal Rinse’.

The rectum is technically the only area that should be affected by anal penetration so in theory this practice should eradicate any faecal matter that you might be concerned about. This practice is the least invasive, doesn’t shock your colon (too much) and the quickest.

Here’s the catch though, the average person’s rectum is only 7-8 inches deep. Now, I don’t know where they made some of the men I have encountered, but I don’t know how comfortable I would be just rinsing a few inches and hoping for the best. Maybe I’ve just been one of the lucky ones!


2 – The Colon Cleanse

The second way is basically clearing the entire colon of anything that might stand in the way of your anal love life! Basically like giving yourself an enema. We’ll call this the ‘Colon Cleanse’.

Allow me to make a disclaimer here and say that I am not a doctor, and while I personally douche before anal sex, excessive douching can cause irritation to the colon by removing the mucous and beneficial bacteria that live there blah blah blah. I am not here to convince anybody to douche before anal sex. This guide is simply for people who have decided to douche or are interested in learning about the process. Great!

Now is the part where you choose your own adventure! Click the link below that best suites your needs!