My Anal Douche Home

ANAL DOUCHE! There, I’ve said it! Can everybody PLEASE relax now? Anal douching is a common practice for loads of people who participate in receiving anal sex and there really doesn’t need to be such a stigma surrounding it! This website is designed to dive deep and give you all the information you need to know about the ol’ rectal rinse in an easy going, straight-to-the-point, no-shit (and maybe a little humorous) environment!

Some background:

My name is Jason Trainer. I am publishing this site because I used to work at a ‘gay adult lifestyle store’ (it almost sounds fancy when I say it like that!) and I had to be versed in, and deal with, MANY topics and products that customers found uncomfortable (like anal lube! and oh-so-many anal toys). I decided it would a fun project to put together a website that explains what douching is, has a how-to anal douching guide, the different types of douches available, reviews on different products and a safe, secure links to purchase your douche from the comfort of home!

Just so you know, although the information you will read is written from the perspective of a gay man, women, this site is just as much for your benefit as well! This is the one area where our parts align! So whether you are a bottom, bottom curious or really deserve the ‘girlfriend of the year!’ award, this site is for you!

What is anal douching?

Put simply, douching is the practice of cleaning the rectal cavity before, or after, anal penetration. Many people confuse the terms ‘douching’ and ‘enema’, and while they share the same basic principles, douching is actually much less invasive. Check out the full douching guide!

Best Douches Around!

Ok, the chart below is designed to make it easy for you to choose an anal douche! Because everybody’s needs are different I have created the interactive chart as a way for you to compare douches, read reviews, and I have also provided convenient links for you to purchase a douche! Enjoy!

I have tried to make this comparison chart as straightforward as possible, the table is broken down in to 5 columns:

  • Douche pictures
  • Douche brand name and model  – (click to view more details or purchase)
  • Price *
  • Style
  • Rating from 0 – 5 / Reviews (click to read full review)

*Prices are approximate from These change frequently according to availability, special promotions, provider and more. Generally speaking though: $ = Under $12, $$ = $12-$25, $$$ = $25 and up

Images Douches Price Type Rating & Reviews
img Colt Anal Douche $$ Portable 3/5
img Cleanstream Enema Bulb $ Portable 4/5
img CleanStream Deluxe Enema Bulb $$ Portable 3.5/5
img Anal Rinse By Dr. Thomas $ Portable 3/5
img CleanStream Shower Enema Kit $$$ Non-portable 4.5/5
img Cleanstream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit $$ Portable 3.5/5
img Health and Yoga Water Bottle Enema Kit $$$ Portable 4/5

Some facts:

1 – Everybody poops. If you have had the douching discussion with your friends and they say “Well, I don’t have to do that.” with their noses turned up, they are lying. I understand that technically, it’s common to have anal sex without any accidents and nobody ‘HAS’ to douche. However, often times that’s not the case. I know that personally I don’t want to worry about what, and how much I eat in case I have anal sex the following day! Using an anal douche is a simple way of making sure no nasty occurrences occur.

2 – Douching before anal sex is a common practice as well as using a butt plug to prepare your anal area. As a salesperson I sold countless douches in a relatively small city. As my friend, Brent, says “I get it, that’s where poop comes from”. Right you are, Brent. We all get it. When you have anal sex, you run the risk of bumping into some old friends that you thought you had “unfriended”. Douching is just a way of making sure no nasty occurrences occur.

3 – Douching can make sex more enjoyable (for both parties). I know going into an anal sex experience with the confidence that you are “good to go” sets up the entire experience for success. Don’t misunderstand me, spontaneous anal intercourse might just be the most exciting and stimulating thing on the planet! However, if you are aware of an upcoming ‘opportunity’ and you have the time to prepare beforehand it really gives you the confidence to go wild without inhibitions!

So please, do not think that you are the only one out there who needs to use an anal douche. There is nothing to feel awkward or embarrassed about! In fact, just the opposite. You should feel confident and proud knowing that you have clean ass that will be enjoyed by whomever you wish to share it with!

( Oh, and as a side note, those people who say ‘well, I don’t need to douche before anal sex”. THEY DO. They aren’t the ones back there and even without a full blown ‘accident’ there can easily be unpleasant odors which totally kill the mood! )

So have some fun, browse around and enjoy the site!